You Can Be, Whatever You Want To Be

Strong words of fulfilling the desire you really dreamed of becoming in the future. Usain Bolt also known as the legend in track and field unfolds his dream to become a professional footballer, when he undergoes a trial at German top flight club Borussia Dortmund.

Bolt admitted that he would prefer to play for Manchester United, his favourite Jamaican football team. A trial is set for March 2018 which will determined if Bolt is apart of the team. He went on to say if they said that he need a bit of brushing up than he will do it. Putting your head in the game is a big thing ”adjusting” but  Bolt decided that he will gross the concept of it , after playing a few times. He expressed his deepest dream to be sign for the Manchester United team; dialogs were between former couch Alex Ferguson and Bolt about on the matter.


You Can Be, Whatever You Want To Be

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