Shaun Lewis  also known as Stormin was diagnose with skin two ago, that still don’t stop his dream from branching off in dancehall music. Despite what the doctors said Stormin is determine to be a dancehall artist. Stormin is now advertising his new single Curse, which outlines his struggles with his illness. Stormin is a grime rapper with the UK-based duo called SAS; he is presently in his born land doing some promotional rounds. Stormin admitted his illness affect his career “a bit”, his energy level is not the same has it were but he is determined. Stormin has worked with several producers in the UK including Gurrillaz, Sir Spyro, Phantasty, Macky Gee, and Westy throughout his career, even though he have some ups and downs.

Stormin new single “Curse” is produced by Westy


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