Reggae Sumfest is ‘Ready to Rock and Roll’

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Patrons at Reggae Sumfest 2017


With the inaugral staging of Reggae Sumfest 2019 being just one month away, festival organiser Josef Bogdanovich is elated with how enormous his online tickets have moved, causing him to make the bold declaration that he and his team are “absolutely ready”

“Everything is in order”, a quite pleased Bogdanovich said. However, he added cautiously, “You know Mr. Murphy; he’s always there. But we’ll be rested, we won’t be rattled.

Reggae Sumfest takes place in Montego Bay, St. James, from July 14-20, and the organisers are as happy as a sandboy with how the tickets are going. Bogdanovich released that tickets are completely sold out online. “They became necessary because of the demand. They demanded more, and we gave them the cabanas, and they are all sold out. Patrons are still demanding more, and we had to be more creative,”the Downsound Entertainment CEO stated.

At US$600 a night equal in value to approximately J$77,000,patrons in the Gold Lux lounge will receive a personal private food-and-bar service, incorporate with outstanding viewing.

“It will be the place to be. The food will be first-class”, Bogdanovich reckoned.

The weekend cabanas were on offer for US$9,500 for a maximum group of 10.

Bogdanovich remarked that the speed for tickets, coupled with the demand for higher priced exclusive tickets, transcribed to the festivals coming of age.

“This year it is a festival rather than a concert. People realise that it is a priviledge to buy a ticket. You can’t get any tickets for free, simply because there are none,” the business man pointed out.

An exuberant Bogdanovich said Reggae Sumfest will be “an exhilarating, beautiful experience” from the moment patrons step inside the venue, which will have decor that is mind-blowing. Bogdanovich has plans to rival Coachella, but whether or not that will happen this year is left to be recognized. But he already has the live streaming locked and even boasted that Coachella this year took a few tips from Sumfest in that regard. “But its good to be copied”, he stated.

Rehearsals start next week, and not just with the bands; there will be a lot of choreography involved with the performances of the various artistes, including Bogdanovich’s protegee’, Shauna Controlla. “She’s going to have an entrance that is not like anything you have ever seen. And it will be all in keeping with the law”, Bogdanovich said of the artiste, who will be making her Reggae Sumfest debut.

Reggae Sumfest is ‘Ready to Rock and Roll’

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