Rebel Salute 2018 Promised to be Powerpack

Freddie McGregor popular known reggae entertainer left his mark at Rebel Salute 2015, held at the Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, St. Ann. When Freddie sang his first lines, you could pick from his performance that there was a lot of preparation and effort being put in, he drew for thrilling songs such as Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely, To Be Poor Is A Crime and Push Come To Shove. The night was excellent as the audience sing along. The last night of the festival is expected to be no different from the first night full of energy and entertainment.

Freddie McGregor and the Big Ship band has recently (last night) performed in Cayman Islands and is back  in Jamaica to give the Rebels Salute audience a grand performance at the show. Rebel Salute celebrates 25 years of building the community and genre and its impact attracted  many tourist, employ over 20,000 persons and pumping $ 348 million in the economy. Freddie commend Tony Rebel and his team for continuing what they have started ,as he looked  back on when he was apart of the first and second show. Artist that will be performing on the last night of the show are Barrington Levy, Sanchez, Luciano, Queen Ifrica, Admiral Tibet, Gyptian, and others.










Rebel Salute 2018 Promised to be Powerpack

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