PNP, JLP and Google - Ole Time Sumting
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It has been decades since the Jamaican music has been used during political campaigns in order to showcase our local music as well as to feature a particular political party or a specific candidate. This current campaign has been exciting because specially created tracks were made from popular songs for today’s General Election; Thursday September 3, 2020. For the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), artistes such as Skillibeng,Intence, Jahvillani and so much more have created dubs for candidates. On the other hand, for the People’s National Party (PNP), artistes such as Spice, Elephant Man, Dovey Magnum and Grandpa Entertain have created dubs for candidates. However, some artistes created dubs for both parties. This should not be taken personal because it is just for promotion and entertainment purposes only.

            Shortly after Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that on Thursday, September 3, 2020, the general election would be held, the dubs started rolling out whether they were free of cost or offered at a discounted price. In 2020, the Coronavirus has caused the government to put a ban on mass gatherings in order to prevent the increase of COVID-19 patients, the dubs were used in order to convey the candidates’ message. It is without a doubt that this has been the first year since so many dubs are being used for political campaigns.

            Electioneering with technology has shown us how creative and talented our Jamaican people are and how they manage to send out appropriate messages to the public without belittling candidates of the opposite party. On social media, Jamaican citizens have shown their concern and are hoping that our Jamaican leaders will not forget these artistes after the election and that they would be able to provide the necessary support for their upliftment as well as for citizen who have been promoting and Jamaicans overall. Persons are hoping that they will not be forgotten, neither their issues brought forth so we can have a safe and peaceful Jamaica at all times.



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