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International Reggae Day 2021

Today July 1st 2021, we celebrate International Reggae Day ( IRD). IRD is a 24-hour global media festival anchored in Jamaica, celebrating the best of Jamaica’s music and creativity and its influence around the world. This year’s theme for IRD is 1Love. One Love was first articulated by Marcus Garvey, embraced by Rastafarian, and Bob Marley took it around the world.

This year’s virtual multicultural experience includes broadcasts from China to Brazil and in between. The first song to kick off the day is Bob Marley’s One Love, followed by Dennis Brown’s Love and Hate and Wailing Souls’ Jah Jah’s Give Us Life To Live. Another highlight of the day will be a global 1Love Pull Up scheduled at 12:05 pm (Jamaica time) where media houses around the world are invited, on-air and online to envision a post-COVID world healed by the power of 1Love and fueled by positive vibrations of reggae music. 

1LoveRallyWall is a central space to express oneself and is activated to create a groundswell of responses from reggae lovers around the world about “What Reggae And 1Love Mean To Them?”  Co-prouder Lisa-Ann Ogilvie urges the use of the hashtags #1Love, #JulyOne, #ThisIsMyReggae, #IRD2021 and reminds us that a big part of IRD is wearing the reggae colors – Red, Green, and Gold.

Another feature of IRD will be the world premiere of the docufilm Dennis Emmanuel Brown: The Crown Prince of Reggae; the Man and the Music, at the Little Theatre in St. Andrew today at 7:00 pm.

With over 200 songs on today’s 24 non-stop reggae music playlists, sectors, and sound systems from several cities worldwide will deliver themed DJ Relay specials. DJs from across the world representing London, the USA, Australia, Canada, France are confirmed to participate.



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