“Piece of Me” is a song written by Christian Karlson, Pontus Winnbery and Klas Ahlund and recorded by signer Britney Spears. Many would say that this song has had its share of remixes, but they will also say that the most resent remix done by Cherine Anderson is one of their favourite.

Cherine Anderson, a Jamaican Dancehall soul singer has collaborated with many artistes at the early stage of her career. Some of the artistes she has collaborated with are; Wyclef Jean, Chuck Fenda, Paul McCartney, Bootsy Collins and Ky-mani Marley and she recently added Britney Spears, Sly, and Robbie.

Cherine told the media that her remix in particular has been getting a lot of positive feedback, especially from Disc Jocks overseas. Cherine also stated that, “her management as well as hers (Spears) management came together because they really wanted an authentic dancehall remix. When Britney management approached my management team (Z Link entertainment, headed by Patrick Lindsay), we were more than happy to do the remix”. Anderson went on by saying, “The night we did it we got back word that Britney and her management loved it”.

It was not difficult for Cherine to gel in with the flow of the remix by what she told media, she said, she could relate to the song, not in the paparazzi way because she haven’t had any experience with the paparazzi but in the verses which she had sang.

While this has been a wonderful and new experience for Cherine Anderson, she has on immediate plans of performing with Britney Spears; she has alot on her plate and plans to take it one-step at a time. First on her agenda is to get back on the road with Sly and Robbie on a North American tour and finalizing with promoters to do a European tour.


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