Bertie Dan clears battlefield
Bertie Dan
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Born Albert Scarlett, but is professionally known as Bertie Dan is a veteran singer who has started his journey for nearly 40 years  and  has no intentions of retiring. Bertie released his new song “Jamaica on Battlefield” which was produced by Kion Smith for Shashamane77 Records. His song highlights the difference between parties back then and now. He mentions that back then, parties  were  all about having fun, however, in today’s era, parties focus on  violence. His song has placed a huge emphasis on party goers and that its sole purpose should be for enjoyment. Bertie has spent most of his life in east Kingston, where he was taught about Rastafari and worked on sound systems such as: King Tubby’s, Volcano, Stur Gav and Caveman Intenational. Eventually, being in the music industry for such a long time, he has recorded quite a number of songs which include: Cocaine Mash Up Yuh Brain,Money Money and Stay With Me. Jamaica on Battlefield is a follow-up to “Stay With Me”, which he released in August.



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