Jamaica Bar Week will be held from July 27- July 31 and will undoubtedly create a buzz among bar-hoppers, who will in turn be rewarded with the ultimate bar experience at reduced costs.

Organizers, Creative Media and Events Limited who are also know for events such as Special Delivery are sure bar- hoppers and those with an appreciation for fine liquor will welcome it. Patrons will be able to experience the luxury of complimentary drinks at a number of the island’s finest restaurants and bars including Margaritaville (Ochi and MoBay), Christopher’s (Quad), Medusa, Pure/Plush, Escape, Susie’s Bar, Cuddy’z, Pier 1 in addition to others. The list of activities during the week is like none they have ever seen. Patrons will be showered with drink-mix specials and liquors from Johnnie Walker, Baileys Rum Cream, Red Stripe, Guinness and Smirnoff, there will also be celebrity bartenders and international Red Bull Flair Bartenders to add colour, panache and spontaneity to the experience.


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