PROLIFIC JAMAICAN RECORD PRODUCER JOE GIBBS PASSED AWAY By Baldwin S. A. Howe Reggae Times Magazine joins the other members of the national media corps and operators in the Jamaican music fraternity in expressing our deep regret at the passing

TARRUS RILEY TOPS THE REGGAE ACADEMY AWARD By RT No major surprise here, Tarrus Riley is a major force on Jamaica music scene and the rest of the world, touring and consistently releasing fabulous singles. Roots Reggae Singer Tarrus Riley

NEWS Anthony B, known for his conscious reggae lyrics and hardcore deejay style has tons of new materials including his debut soca single,” Tripping Down Di Road”. This single is in collaboration with Trinidad Soca star Machel Montano’s band member,

YUH NUH SIMPLE By Tony Anthony Intro Children, feed your minds, now, now. Without vision, your livity, will be harder Verse 1 Choose to stay in school Do your work, Have discipline, yes. Respect yourselves Value your life Believe in

REGGAE ACADMY AWARDS By RT The first ever staging of the Reggae Academy Awards was held on February 24, 2008 at the Jamaica National Indoor Centre in Kingston. The show, which officially began at 8:00p.m. had all the makings for

WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU By Bugle Intro There are so many unanswered questions, So much unanswered questions, Boss man let me ask you the last one. Chorus What have I done to you? Why you wanna treat me