JAH CURE MAINTAINS HIS FOCUS Siccature Alcock otherwise know as Jah Cure, or Iyah Cure has remained focus, since his re-emergence on the national recording scene. He continues to make a significant impact on both the national and international entertainment

THE 2007 ACTOR BOY AWARDS WINNERS The 17th staging of the Actor Boy Awards in Jamaica was held at the Pantry Theater Gardens on March 25, 2008. The Actor Boy Awards honours the best in Jamaican theatre in the technical,

  Carol Gonzales DaCasta   Former Resident Magistrate Carol Gonzales DaCosta said goodbye to the judiciary on September 23, 2007. After nine years on the bench, she walked away nationally to resurrect her life as a singer. Very few people

  ASSASSIN TO FIRE SHOTS IN TRINIDAD & TOBAGO This weekend, fast rising deejay sensation Assassin is set to fire some hot dancehall shots in the twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago. Before making this trip, Assassin has been

Andrew Tosh Carlos Andrew McDonald Mclntosh, who is also known as Andrew Tosh was born 1967 in Kingston, Jamaica. Andrew Tosh carries on the legacy and music of his late father Reggae pioneer, Peter Tosh, a founding member of Reggae

Stephen and Daniel McGregor Manoeuvring the Big Ship Stephen and Daniel, sons of Freddie McGregor, have taken over the sail of the big Ship Studio and have been living up to their McGregor name. Stephen McGregor, who is the youngest,

LION CUB KEEPS GROWING By Baldwin S.A. Howe Consistency and perseverance are two qualities that guarantees positive growth. These two qualities are especially necessary if one is to succeed as an artiste trying to make an impact in the Jamaican

Stephen’s “Mind Control” Walks Away with Grammy   Over the past few decades, the Marley children have been following in their fathers musical footsteps, while racking up Grammy Awards as they continue to bring conscious songs on the one drop

PROLIFIC JAMAICAN RECORD PRODUCER JOE GIBBS PASSED AWAY By Baldwin S. A. Howe Reggae Times Magazine joins the other members of the national media corps and operators in the Jamaican music fraternity in expressing our deep regret at the passing

TARRUS RILEY TOPS THE REGGAE ACADEMY AWARD By RT No major surprise here, Tarrus Riley is a major force on Jamaica music scene and the rest of the world, touring and consistently releasing fabulous singles. Roots Reggae Singer Tarrus Riley

REGGAE ACADMY AWARDS By RT The first ever staging of the Reggae Academy Awards was held on February 24, 2008 at the Jamaica National Indoor Centre in Kingston. The show, which officially began at 8:00p.m. had all the makings for